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Recently introduced was a more distinctive steel-door look with the launch of the new Designer Series. The Designer Series doors feature the elegant look of classic Carriage House wooden doors but are made from durable, easy-to-maintain steel construction.

Inspired by the distinctive carriage-house doors of the 18th and 19th century that swung open sideways, these 21st century offerings are sectional doors that easily roll up and out of the way. And though other manufacturers still make the beautiful wooden construction variety, these new steel doors are much more affordable, making them available to a wider audience.

These doors have a wood grain finish, come with or without windows, and in a variety of styles from which to choose. To further enhance the doors, decorative hardware and trim come with a pebble-textured finish for the look of traditional hand-hammered metal. Additionally, the trim pieces comes in an assortment of magnetic horizontal, vertical and diagonal panels so that you can change the framing design of your doors as often as you’d like. A wide array of design possibilities exist or, if you prefer, the framing panels can always be secured in place for more permanency.

All doors are constructed of steel that feature a two-coat, baked-on polyester paint finish that make them virtually maintenance free. Traditional wood carriage house doors, while elegant looking, require much more maintenance, including periodic staining, painting and weatherproofing.

Safety is another key feature of these Carriage House doors, as they incorporate award winning pinch-resistant design and tamper resistant hardware. This design actually pushes away fingers or hands should someone accidentally place them too close to a closing door.

To make this system complete, Liftmaster's wall-mounted opener (see more in our Door Opener section) can be added for unparalleled looks and performance. Aided by computer-driven technology, the idrive opener offers an unprecedented mix of features and benefits that make operating a garage door quieter, safer, and more convenient. It also makes the garage much more attractive because it eliminates the bulky overhead rail systems typical of all other openers.

Call us at 1-866-604-3667 and set up an appointment to visit our showroom and we’ll be happy to show you one of our Carriage House floor models.

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