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Garage Door Safety > Garage Door Maintenance Tips

  • If your door runs on tracks, several times a year, dust the tracks to remove dust and dirt.
  • Lubricate hinges, rollers and springs regularly. Check your owner’s manual for recommended frequency and any specific recommended lubricants.
  • Do NOT oil or lubricate your door’s opener/motor.
  • Check the path of the door when it opens and ensure that nothing is obstructing its movement. Do not stack objects too close to the door or any of its moving parts.
  • Check your door’s safety reversing mechanism. The door must stop and reverse on contact with any object. Here's a simple way to ensure the safety reverse mechanism is operating correctly: With the door in the up position, place a roll of paper towels on its side directly in the path of the door. Close the garage door. When the garage door reaches the paper towel roll, it should reverse and rebound back up into the open position. If the door crushes the roll of paper towels, then the door is out of adjustment.
  • If your door has an optic sensor (installed at the base, on either side of the garage door frame), test that it is working properly by waving an object (e.g., a broom) across the beam as the door is closing. The door should reverse itself.
  • Perform a simple periodic inspection of your door (recommended monthly) to see if you notice any obvious trouble signs.

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