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There are pros and cons to whichever material you choose for your garage door.
Wooden garage doors are very popular for a number of reasons, though the two primary reasons are appearance and versatility.

With wooden garage doors:

  • You can have doors custom-built to virtually any design specification (which is not possible with steel).
  • You also get the natural look and feel of wood. Natural wood doors bring a special warmth and beauty to your home, especially when a stain rather than paint is applied to enhance the wood grain and texture.

    Some of the downsides of wooden garage doors are:

  • They’re more expensive than comparable steel doors, and
  • They require periodic maintenance to repaint and maintain their weather resistant properties. (Repainting/re-staining is generally required about as often as you’d have to repaint the exterior of your home).

    Most people who select wooden garage doors do so because they want or need that natural “wood look” to compliment the exterior of their home or their surroundings, or because they have special size requirements or constraints for their door that are more easily satisfied by the versatility of custom-built wooden doors.

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